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Diesel Vehicle Exhaust Inspection Database System

  1. This page compiles various laws and regulations related to diesel vehicle exhaust inspection, appointment scheduling for inspection, accessing past inspection data, and finding diesel inspection station locations and phone number, so as to help diesel vehicle owners understand the current diesel vehicle exhaust control system of the Environmental Protection Bureau and access all relevant information.
  2. The following systems are the primary business websites for diesel vehicle exhaust inspection.
    1. Latest Information
      This website provides the latest information on diesel vehicle exhaust inspections. For instance, car owners should provide the vehicle license plate number and owner's name on their motor license when scheduling an inspection appointment.
    2. Make an appointment for inspection online
      This website provides owners of diesel vehicles to choose a diesel vehicle exhaust inspection station in any county or city and make an appointment online. Alternatively, users can enter the vehicle license plate number and owner's name to access appointment inspection records, as well as other features.
    3. Regular Inspection website for Car Owners
      This website provides diesel vehicle owners with information on regular exhaust inspections, including fundamental regulations, inspection stations, fees, and penalties for not completing regular inspections.
    4. Inspecting data query
      The website provides diesel vehicle owners to enter their vehicle license plate number and receive immediate feedback on the inspection records of the past three years and the self-management label period.
    5. Inspecting station address and contact information
      This website provides information such as addresses, contact numbers, fax numbers, and other details of diesel vehicle smoke inspecting stations affiliated with various county and city environmental protection bureaus nationwide.